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Lakewood Ranch & Meadows Pool Owners
Limited Time, Special Introductory Offer - $7.95 / week for 4 weeks

We're so sure you'll like our service, we'll let you try us out for just $7.95 a week for 4 weeks. After that, we'll continue servicing your pool at our regular price. (Free quote provided at our first visit.) Call Jennifer at 941-870-3347 to set up an appointment.

What's the catch? There's only one catch. Your pool must be a residential pool in Lakewood Ranch, the Meadows, or in a nearby neighborhood.

What's included? We provide full-service pool care. Service includes:

-- Removing debris from your pool and spa
-- Brushing your pool walls
-- Vacuuming as required
-- Skimming your pool's surface
-- Cleaning your skimmer and filter baskets as required
-- Cleaning your filter as required
-- Testing your water for sanitation and proper chemical balance
-- Adding chemicals as needed for sanitation and chemical balance
-- - - Chlorine, pH, Stabilizer, Calcium chemicals ARE included
-- Inspecting your pump and equipment
-- - - Pump, equipment, pool, plumbing, enclosure repairs ARE NOT included

What happens if I change my mind? You may cancel service at any time with no termination fee. We'll send you a bill for the work we've done. It's as simple as that.

How do I start? To begin service, or for more information:

Call Jennifer at 941-870-3347