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Excellence In Pool Care, LLC is a Florida company that services residential pools in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Because we are a family-owned and -operated company everyone you'll deal with is honest, reliable and eager to please.

But we aren't just nice people. We're Certified Pool Operators who take pool sanitation seriously. We will gladly supply you with references and documentation upon request.

Weekly Full Service - All Pool Types

We analyze your water and balance your chemicals each week. Weather permitting, we also skim the water's surface and brush your walls every week. We clean your tiles, strainer and skimmer basket, vaccuum and clean your filter as needed. Periodically, we also inspect your pump and other pool equipment and alert you to any problems we see.

Price: Starting from $70/month

Our pricing is based on a wide variety of factors:
---- Size of pool
---- Caged or open-air
---- Surrounding trees, shrubs, vegetation
---- Age/condition of equipment
---- Chemical demand of pool
---- Access to pool
---- Location

Free estimates: We'll come to your home at your convenience, inspect your pool and equipment and provide you with a free estimate for weekly service.

A Word About Pets

Please put your dogs and cats inside your home or otherwise secure them on service days. If your pet is loose in the pool area we will try to keep it from running away, but fast little dogs sometimes win. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding household pets. We want to help keep them safe.

Service Days

Most pools are serviced 52 times a year. If your service day falls on a holiday, we will work it into another service day that same week whenever possible. Some weather conditions, or vehicle or equipment circumstances beyond our control may also cause an occasional missed service day.

Pool Owner Responsibitities

During the summer we need your filter system to run at least 8-10 hours each day of the week. Our chemicals oxidize and kill organic matter in your pool, but the water must be cleaned by running through your filter.

If you live in a gated community please make sure the guard house has us on your list.

If we see a problem with your pool, we'll let you know right away. We'll also let you know what the possible implications might be. For situations that cause erratic water quality (leaks, pump issues, filter, etc.) we request that pool owners deal with the issue in an expedient manner. We're only as good as your pool system allows us to be.

Leaking pools pose major water quality issues. We cannot guarantee water clarity when your pool leaks. We may not even be able to keep it algae-free. If you are adding more than 1 or 2 inches per week during a dry period, you may have a leak. We verify that by performing stabilizer measurements (which typically only drops due to excessive drag-out or water loss). If we notify you of a suspected leak, please be aware that the quality of your pool may be jeapordized until it is resolved.